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Welcome to the Greatest of the Great Ocean Road.


We have curated the most outstanding nature experiences along this iconic stretch of Australian coastline to help you create the perfect itinerary.

Whether your time is tight or you have a few days to stay, you'll find something to make your visit extra memorable.

Wildlife Wonders

- the wild side of the Great Ocean Road


“One of the five best places in the world to enjoy nature” - National Geographic Magazine 2022.

Join a conservationist guide on a 75 minute nature tour to discover the secrets of the Otways. Protected by a predator proof fence, the Wildlife Wonders sanctuary is home to koalas, kangaroos and wallabies as well as lesser known Australian animals including potoroos, pademelons and bandicoots.

Book a tour, arrive in time for coffee or lunch and your guide will help you to observe the exquisite animals living freely in their ecosystem. 

Dawn and Dusk Discovery tours are even more exciting as animals are most active at these times. Celebrate the adventure with canapés and champagne.  

All profits from Wildlife Wonders go directly to the Conservation Ecology Centre, which undertakes vital conservation projects in the Otways. Learn more about these projects on your tour. 

A warm welcome awaits you, with knowledgeable guides, breathtaking surroundings and memorable sightings. 

Cultural Landscapes

One of Australia’s great national heritage landscapes, Budj Bim is recognised nationally and internationally as a special place that offers unique and authentic visitor experiences of a living Indigenous culture, a history and a landscape which does not exist anywhere else.

The Budj Bim Cultural Landscape is a unique place with universal heritage values that demonstrate how Gunditjmara people worked with the natural resources and environment of the Victorian south west region to establish a permanent place of human society over the past 30,000 years and beyond.

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Paddle with the Platypus


As we guide you by canoe, see one of Australia’s most elusive and ancient creatures in the wild – the platypus. In its natural habitat, the platypus now considered threatened in Victoria, can be seen at the enchanting Lake Elizabeth.

Glide across the misty lake at dawn when the local birdlife are most active or watch the sun go down from the lake and spot the magical glow worms at dusk.

Leave everything behind when you embark on the 1km walk up to the lake, strolling amongst 150 year old tree ferns and the tall eucalypt forest, home to the resident koalas. Once there, you can sit back and enjoy the tranquility of being on the water, sharing some time with the platypus during this unique experience.

We have been guiding tours to this wild platypus colony for 21 years with a 95% sighting success rate.

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Tower Hill Reserve


Tower Hill is a magnificent dormant volcano near the Great Ocean Road. Walk across wetlands, craters and bushland. It is one of Victoria's most fascinating and significant geological formations. Volcanic cone-shaped hills rise from the lakes. It's a short detour from the Great Ocean Road and offers ample walking opportunities for people of all abilities - from easy boardwalks to scenic climbs.


Join a tour run by experienced local guides to discover how Tower Hill was transformed from a desolate wasteland to the park you see today. Visit the Tower Hill Visitor Centre, designed by celebrated Australian architect Robin Boyd.

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Maits Rest


Take the self-guided rainforest boardwalk at Maits Rest in the Otways and see beautiful fern gardens and giant rainforest trees up to 300 years old.

A wooden boardwalk has been built over the tree-fern gullies and moss-covered roots of ancient rainforest trees, protecting the delicate ecosystem while providing visitors with unique views of the forest.

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Seal Kayak Tour


This awesome experience is the only Guided Kayaking Seal Tour on the Great Ocean Road. This seal haul-out rocky platform is teaming with seals (too many to count but we guess there are at least 150.) 


They are very inquisitive characters and love swimming, duck-diving and playing in the surf. It's wonderful observing them in their own enviroment and listening to their barking calls. 

Have fun paddling as a team in our 2 seated kayaks.

It's nice bobbing about on the kayak and looking back to see the view of the shoreline and the stunning hills of the Otways. At the end of the session the adventurous can catch waves back to the shore!

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